What is ‘Satta Matka’?

Satta King, also recognized as Satta Matka, is a famous game among the nation’s working class. Lotteries and the Satta Matka or the Satta King game are usually confused. 

Satta Matka is a lottery game that has been famous in India since much before Independence.  The game was initially based on betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton delivered to the Bombay Cotton Exchange sent by the New York Cotton Exchange. Teleprinters were once utilized to transmit rate data. 

The lottery has been legalized in numerous Indian regions, which include Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, and a few others. State governments also have firm regulations on things such as lottery licensing and taxation, as well as prize cash. 

What Is Satta King?

Satta King is a gambling game in which numerous individuals can take part in. Matka gambling is also recognized as Satta King, is a lottery game in which gamers predict the numbers in order to win a prize. In India, satta is banned. 

On the other hand, online satta matka is legal. During the 1950s the satta matka was called ‘Ankada Jugar’. The game of satta king is vaguely translated as a betting or gambling game. Although, gambling is banned in India.  

Gambling has been banned in India ever since the British government enacted the 1867 Public Gambling Act. This signifies that gambling has no legal standing in India. 

Playing Satta Matka Online with Real Money on Kheloo

Kheloo prides itself on having a completely developed online casino teeming with thrilling gambling alternatives. Besides traditional slots and table games, the operator also attributes a variety of Indian-friendly games and Satta Matka being one of them. 

So, if you wish to play real money Satta Matka, you will have to go through an easy registration procedure and top up your gaming account utilizing dependable payment techniques. While you’re at it, you can claim the available welcome bonus and elevate your finances. Then, you can find Satta Matka real cash in the game lobby and tap play. 

However, if you have never before played this game online, you should definitely take advantage of the Kheloo free play attribute. The casino permits you to test the game without the need of using actual cash. In that way, you’ll be able to learn the rules and comprehend how bets function. Once you learn the ropes, you can begin playing the game for actual cash and have an opportunity at winning liberal rewards. 

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Is Indian Satta Matka Legal in India? 

Currently satta is not legal in India, but is still a major business. Lotteries have become more fascinating online since they merge all lotteries on a global level, so those from the Indian subcontinent can leverage their bets by solely selecting lottery cards where the jackpot is the largest. 

India has a comparatively minimal lottery jackpot while the EU and US nations have jackpots usually in the 100’s of millions of USD/Euros. 

For other betting games, a vast majority of Inidans are still betting with resident bookmakers, but more are utilizing the internet at online casinos and online bookmakers such as Kheloo for cricket as well as other sports or casino games. 

Top Satta Matka Sites 


Kheloo is an online casino site in India that provides a range of casino games which include table games, live dealer games and slots. The site provides a number of fascinating promotions and bonuses, such as welcome bonuses for new players which is up to Rs. 10,000, frequent promotions for active customers, and a loyalty program that rewards users for their gameplay. Furthermore, the website also provides a range of convenient and secure payment alternatives, which include e-wallets, bank transfers and more. 


Another popular online casino site in India is Jeeto7. This platform is recognized for its secure payment alternatives, user-friendly interface and more. The platform is known to offer a range of famous table games such as baccarat, roulette, and others. Besides its casino offerings, jeeto7 also provides an all-inclusive sportsbook with a range of betting alternatives on famous sports. Additionally, the site also provides live streaming of select sporting tournaments. 


The parimatch platform is licensed by the Curacao Government and is recognized for its secure payment alternatives, fascinating promotions and bonuses and a lot more. The platform features more than 4000 slot games from a range of leading software suppliers. The casino’s live dealer section permits players to indulge in the excitement of playing against actual deals in a true casino environment. 


88cric is a popular online casino platform in India. It is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority and provides a broad spectrum of casino games which include table games, slots and more. The platform also attributes more than 1000 slot games from a range of leading software suppliers including NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and more. The casino also provides a range of sports betting alternatives besides this, they also offer a range of betting markets as well as competitive odds. 


Jeeto88 is a sports betting and online casino platform that is famous in India. This platform also provides a range of sports betting alternatives such as football, tennis and more. The casino provides a range of withdrawal and deposit methods which include debit/credit cards, e-wallets and other methods. The platform also provides a welcome bonus to new players of up to Rs. 10,000, frequent promotions for existing users, as well as a loyalty program that rewards customers for their gameplay. 


This casino platform is particularly developed for Indian bettors. It is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority and provides a broad variety of casino games, which include table games, live dealer and more. This platform is recognized for its liberal promotions and bonuses, secure payment alternatives and user-friendly interface. The casino also provides a range of local payment techniques, such as UPI and Paytm, which makes it simple for Indian bettors to withdraw and deposit cash. 


The Betway casino platform is regulated and licensed by numerous credible gambling authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and more. The platform’s live dealer section permits customers to indulge in the excitement of playing against actual dealers in an actual time casino environment. The casino’s game choices attribute more than 400 games from dominating software providers which include NetEnt, IGT and others. 


The BetTilt platform is regulated and licensed by the Curacao Government and provides a broad variety of casino games. Furthermore, the live dealer section is especially magnificent, with more than 100 different table games to select from. Players can indulge in actual time casino experience with skilled dealers and the highest quality video streaming. Additionally, the casino also attributes upwards of 1800 games from over 25 separate software suppliers, which include a few of the biggest names in the sector. 


20Bet is an online casino site that was established just recently. It is owned and managed by TechSolutions Group N.V., a firm that is regulated and licensed by the Curacao Government. This platform features a broad variety of casino games from more than 70 software suppliers. The 20Bet casino site is also recognized for its secure payment alternatives, generous promotions and bonuses and user-friendly interface. 


Leon casino is an online casino site that was established back in 2007. It is licensed by the Curacao Authority and provides a broad variety of casino games, which include table games, live dealer games and more. This casino is also recognized for its sportsbook, which provides a range of betting markets on famous sports such as tennis, cricket and others. The casino platform’s game library attributes over 4000 games from a range of dominating software suppliers, which include Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and more. 

How to Play Matka? 

Indian Matka gambling is quite a simple game and is a type of lottery. The game was established by Ratan Khatri way back in the 1970s and was famous till the 1990s. You should definitely go to a satta bazaar to play it. 

The game is not played as much anymore, majorly in the nations of Pakistan and India. Instead, a majority enjoy lottery games more nowadays. 

How Can A Player Place a Bet on Matka?

If you have selected Kheloo for playing Satta Matka, here’s what you are required to do to profitably place a bet: 

  • When you open Satta Matka, select a bet you wish to place. 
  • Based on the bet kind you’ve selected, choose the numbers you’d wish to bet on. 
  • Determine the bet sum and tap on the place bet button
  • The system will quickly showcase the outcomes and add winnings to your account if you have got the numbers correct. 

After every round, your bet will be revised, so that you can place another one. Additionally, you can place numerous distinctive bets simultaneously or bet on a Bazaar alternative and check the outcomes later. 

Instance of a Rs. 50 Satta Matka Bet 

If you’re new to the Satta Matka game, you’ll definitely find this bet instance helpful: 

  • The initial number is drawn, and you’ve predicted correctly – you win 9x the bet (Rs. 450)
  • You’ve made another right forecast for the second choice – you’ll attain Rs. 450 (9xRs.50).
  • If you place a great Jodi bet and forecast the winning merger, you can collect a decent payout of up to 90x the bet (Rs. 4500). 

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Satta Matka Bet Types

Based on the casino you select, these bets may differ, so be certain to check out the rules for every casino. But usually, there are 7 bet sorts: 

  • Single (Ank) Bet – a singular bet is a bet made during either the starting or closing pana. The bet considers the amount of every pana, and you can bet on any numerical from 0 to 9. 
  • Pana Bet/Single Patti – in Matka, a singular patti is a bet put on the possible closing or opening panna, with no card values repeated. 
    A singular patti sequence might look like 380, 123, 489, etc and you cannot bet on sequences such as 887, 655, etc. 
    It varies from a singular bet which takes solely the sum of the 3 values in each draw into account. 
  • Pana Bet/Double Patti – a double patti is a bet placed on a probable closing or opening pana, where 2 numbers have to be repeated. The sequence might look something like this 221, 799, etc. 
    It’s separate from a singular patti bet, where 2 same numbers mustn’t be repeated in a sequence. 
  • Pana Bet/Triple Patti – A triple patti is a bet placed on a probable closing or opening pana where all 3 cards have the matching number so a sequence such as 333, 222, etc. 
  • Jodi Bet – Jodi is a hindi word which means pair. So, a jodi bet is a bet placed on a merge of a summary of the closing and opening pana. 
    Let’s take the instance from before where you selected 1, 4,7 *2 and pana 2,6,8 *8. The concluding merger is 1,4,7 *2 X 8 * 2,6,8. 
    If you were to place a jodi bet, you will be betting on the merge of the closing and opening pana total which is 28. 
  • Half Sangam Bet – a half sangam bet is a bet you can place by merging the closing Ank with the opening pana or the opening Ank with the closing pana. 
  • Sangam Bet – a sangam bet is developed by merging the closing and opening panas. This signifies that you can bet on 127 X 268. 
    However, the risk is also significant. 

Understanding the regulations and rules of Matka:

Before you go ahead and place any bets, it is crucial to comprehend the sorts of stakes involved in Satta Matka. Here are a few of the most usual bets and how to place them: 

  1. Single – bettors select a singular digit between 0 and 9 and place their bet. The payout rate for this sort of bet is normally 1:9. 
  2. Jodi – bettors choose a pair of 2 digit numbers and place their bet. The payout rate for this sort of bet is normally 1:90. 
  3. Patti – gamers choose a 3-digit number incorporating 3-single digit numbers and place their bet. The payout rate for this sport of bet is normally 1:150. 
  4. Half Sangam – players choose a merge of a Jodi and the initial digit of a Patti and place their bet. The payout rate for this sort of bet is normally 1:10,000. 

Pick Numbers 

To start off the game, you are required to select your Matka numbers. In the initial round, you select 3 numbers from 0 to 9. For example, you select 3,5 and 6 and add them up. The conclusion number would be 14, but only the final digit is utilized (in this case 4). If the end, the initial draw would be 3, 5, 6 * 4. 

The second set of numbers are then drawn. Let’s just say you select 2, 7 and 9. Following the same technique, the concluding number is 18 (8 once you drop 1). Finally, the second string would be 9, 7, 2*8. If you include this to the former number choices, you’ll attain the concluding card – 3, 6, 5*4 x 9,7, 2*8. 

How Do You Win at Matka? 

To triumph at Satta Matka, you have different rate payouts, varying from 9/1 to 999/1. You can bet on the likeness of all numericals coming up to the first, last or any other sort of bet permitted by the Matka gambling bookmaker. 

For this reason, it can be a fascinating game due to the payout multiples, but the game is just a game of opportunity and thus cannot be beaten. 

It needs luck to triumph, but tons are superstitious about their numericals and always play them, similar to the lottery games. 

Satta Matka Fees & Odds 

The Matka betting agent should only take a max of 5% of your bet sum assuming you triumph. Since the game is all luck and neither the bettor nor the agent has a benefit, the bookmaker should take 5% on every rupee betted. 

Heavy betting on a particular number or merge of numbers can be a critical scenario. If those numbers come up, it is quite possible your bookmaker will disappear since he can’t afford to cover the bets. 

When the numbers and cards are selected, normally at 9 PM and 12 Am the winners are declared.

Tips and strategies for playing Satta Matka:

Following are a few strategies and tips that can help bettor elevate their chances of winning in Matka:

  1. Play with an absolute clear mind and decide on a budget for your bets. 
  2. Stay away from pursuing losses or becoming too invested emotionally in the game. 
  3. Begin small and slowly elevate your as you attain more experience. 
  4. Pursue trends and patterns to identify possible winning numbers. 
  5. Utilize probability calculations and statistical analysis to make better decisions. 
  6. Remain updated with the latest news and developments in the Matka community to remain ahead in the game. 
  7. Always practice responsible gambling practices and play within your boundaries. 

History of Satta Matka 

The emergence of Indian Matka gambling includes betting on the daily rates of cotton according to the New York and Bombay Cotton Exchange.

These days, Matka betting is a famous lottery-style game. It includes the choice of random numbers in the anticipation of hitting the correct number merge. The winner becomes the Matka king and they earn the bulk of the prize pool. 

The famed Ratan Katri is famously recognized as the Matka King. following his arrest in 1995, he had to discontinue his games and now offenders are running the games he appreciated so much by fixing the numericals. 

A major fall from glory, but his name stays famous among the Matka games in Mumbai. 

Big-shot fans still play this game and they remember the days of Ratan having famous personalities pull draws for him. The game has ever since lost a majority of its following. Indians have selected the quicker paced action of live dealer casinos or online cricket betting on their mobile gadgets. 

Satta Matta Matka In Modern Times

  • The latest form of Satta Matka, though illegal in the US, is based on the aimless choice of a number by the lottery joinees. 
  • This signifies that Matka is yet another sort of famous lottery system presently in use in the nation. Maharashtra is the state where this game is the most famous. 
  • The successor of Satta is the person who rightly predicts the number and is then awarded a preset sum of cash. 
  • The 2 most famous Satta lotteries are Worli and Kalyan
  • Numerous applications have made an appearance in the guise of playing sports games with a particular sum of betting involved every now and then. 
  • Direct betting or gambling in any form, whether online or offline, is firmly restricted. 

Satta Matka FAQs

  1. What is the Satta Matka game? 
    Satta Matka is a standard lottery-style betting game in which you have to estimate 2 aimless numbers from 1 to 9. Card variants of Matka, which are famous among Indian casino bettors, have also developed over time. 
  1. How many sorts of Satta Matka are there? 
    The 2 most famous varieties of Matka games are currently Worli Matka and Kalyan Matka. 
  1. What is the Satta Matka history? 
    Satta Matka dates back to before the Independence of India, when it was called as Ankada Jugar (figures gambling). 
  1. What is the terminology of satta matka? 
    Matka – this word translates to earthen pot. 
    Single – a single is any number between 0 to 9.
    Pair/Jodi – any pair of numericals between 00 to 99 is referred to as a Jodi. 
  1. What are some of the crucial attributes to take into consideration while looking for Satta Matka? 
    Satta Matka gambling, is a sort of betting and lottery that firstly attributed wagering on closing and opening rates. The most crucial thing to understand when playing Matka is that the numbers you select are important. 

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