The colorful show of the Indian Premier League (IPL), where everyone is happy, tells a story of really good times. An interesting chapter revolves around the biggest team scores carved in the rich history of the IPL. Contrary to T20 norms, IPL has become an arena where teams surpass the rare 200-run mark. In this review, we note the journey that reveals about the five highest team scores in the history of IPL, it can be a matter of just cricket.

1Royal Challengers Bangalore263/5Pune Warriors India23 Apr 2013RCB won by 130 runs
2Lucknow Super Giants257/5Punjab Kings28 Apr 2023LSG won by 56 runs
3Royal Challengers Bangalore248/3Gujarat Lions14 May 2016RCB won by 144 runs
4Chennai Super Kings246/5Rajasthan Royals3 Apr 2010CSK won by 22 runs
5Kolkata Knight Riders245/6Punjab Kings12 May 2018KKR won by 31 runs

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors India:

In April 23, 2013, Royal Challengers Bangalore had a big day. Chris Gayle, the superstar, played a really, really good innings and scored 175 runs without getting out.

Gail’s attack wasn’t just powerful; It was a fiery display of 13 fours and 17 sixes, which set the record for the fastest IPL century.

Enter AB de Villiers, who set up a quick cameo, 31 off 8 balls, just as RCB set up a cricketing crescendo, posting 263/5

Pune Warriors got all tangled up in a cricket puzzle when playing against India. They only managed to score a small 133/9, and ended up losing by a huge 130 runs against RCB.

2. Lucknow Super Giants v Punjab Kings:

Fast forward to April 28, 2023, the day Lucknow Super Giants played their own trial in the IPL tapestry, scripting the second highest team score of 257/5 against Punjab Kings

The heroes? Kyle Meyers, Ayush Badoni, Marcus Stoinis and Nicholas Pooran provided impromptu percussion, which helped bring the entire score together.

The opposition, Punjab Kings, located themselves ensnared inside the labyrinth of Naveen-ul-Haq and Yash Thakur, succumbing to an all-out score of 201.

LSG, the conductors of this cricketing symphony, clinched victory, a candy melody echoing in a triumph by using fifty six runs.

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Gujarat Lions :

Now, let’s talk about IPL 2016, where the awesome Royal Challengers Bangalore played against Gujarat Lions. Even without Chris Gayle at the beginning, they did something really cool. 

Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers joined forces and made a huge 229-run partnership for the second turn to hit. 

When it was RCB’s turn to hit, they got a massive 248/3 in 20 turns. After that, Gujarat Lions had a hard time and could only make 104 in 18.4 turns.

4. Chennai Super Kings – 246/five vs Rajasthan Royals (3 Apr 2010):

In the inaugural IPL bankruptcy of 2010, Chennai Super Kings, helmed through M Vijay’s breathtaking 127, etched a colossal 246/five towards Rajasthan Royals.

The narrative spread out with Naman Ojha’s aggressive ninety four and Shane Watson’s brisk 60, crafting a excessive-scoring saga, preserving Rajasthan Royals in a tantalizing chase.

The climax? Rajasthan Royals fell brief with the aid of 22 runs, and CSK emerged successful, a dramatic denouement etched in IPL history.

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5. Kolkata Knight Riders vs Punjab Kings:

Let us go back to the year of May 2018. And Kolkata Knight Riders, led with the aid of Sunil Narine’s massive seventy-five off 36 balls. The game got an huge 245/6 towards Punjab Kings.

Despite Punjab Kings’ valiant efforts in the chase, they might most effective manage 214/8, succumbing to Narine’s impactful performance.

The suit, a melodious composition of KKR’s dominance with the bat, secured a 31-run victory, the crescendo of the cricketing symphony.


The IPL, the platform for cricketing epics, bears witness to exceptional teams. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s historic 263/5 win over Pune Warriors India stands out as one of the greatest displays of art in cricket. These exciting events are not just competitions; They are a chorus, echoing the brilliance of the world’s best T20 players.


  • Can you figure out what number of runs Mumbai Indians scored in IPL 2021?
    Mumbai Indians played like champions in 2021! They showed their abilities on the field and controlled to score an exquisite 235 runs. That’s a huge number, and it helped them secure a wonderful victory towards Sunrisers Hyderabad.
  • Can you wager the largest variety of runs a group has ever scored in all of IPL records?
    Think huge! The report for the most runs scored by using a team inside the complete records of IPL is a whopping 263! Royal Challengers Bangalore achieved this exquisite feat throughout a extraordinary game inside the 2013 IPL tournament in opposition to Pune Warriors India. It became a definitely unique second in IPL records.

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