What Are Real Money-Earning Games

Real money games, also recognized as real cash games or cash games, are online games or mobile applications where players can wager and win actual cash. These games normally require players to make a cash investment or pay an entry charge to take part in contests, cash tournaments, or other forms of gameplay. 

In actual cash games, players can win money rewards, payouts, or prizes depending on their skills, luck, or performance. The sum of cash won can differ based on the game, the specific contest or tournament, and the player’s triumph in the game. 

Here are a few key points to understand about real money games:

  1. Monetary Investment – real cash games frequently require players to invest their funds to take part. This can be in the form of deposits, entry fees, or buying in-game currency. 
  2. Cash Contests or Tournaments – real cash games normally offer cash contests or tournaments where players battle against each other to win money rewards. These tournaments may have certain rules, prize structures, and formats. 
  3. Luck and Skill – real cash games can merge luck and skill. While a few games may depend greatly on luck, others demand decision-making, strategic thinking, or certain gaming skills to elevate the chances of succeeding. 
  4. Withdrawal of Profits –legitimate real cash game sites normally offer alternatives for players to withdraw their profits. This may include linking a bank account, or other payment systems to attain the earned funds. Apps such as Kheloo offer you the quickest withdrawal and a safe platform to play. 
  5. Legality and Regulations – the regulations and legality surrounding actual cash games can differ by jurisdiction, state, or country. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the regulations and laws governing such games in your particular region. 

It’s crucial to approach real cash games with responsibility and caution. While they can offer the possibility to win cash, they also come with financial risks. It’s critical to determine a budget, play within your limits, and be aware that winning is not warranted. Furthermore, always make sure that the landscape of real cash games can switch swiftly, with new games and sites emerging consistently. Thus, it’s important to research and verify the reputation, legitimacy, and legality of any real cash game before taking part. 

20 Real Money Gaming Apps

  1. Kheloo


  • The site offers maximum convenience to the players to play from anywhere and anytime. 
  • A variety of bonuses and promotions are available for players to choose from 
  • Customers can choose from over 10 payment methods to make deposits. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Opportunities to win real money by playing online games The site is not accessible in all countries 
The range of games offered is vast 
The site is user-friendly for new players 

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  1. Dream11


  • A large pool of players to select from
  • Numerous actual-life tournaments to enter
  • Major prizes in international and national tournaments. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Winning cash isn’t too tough for new players Heavy and tough competition 
Simple to use interface. 
A broad range of payment methods are offered

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  1. Junglee Rummy


  • Engaging prizes and welcome bonus is offered
  • Numerous payment alternatives for ease.
  • Safe transactions and details protection 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Players can win brilliant money rewards and prices. The game demands a stable internet connection
players can play the game from any place and at any point in time
Users can use their decision-making skills 

Cons – 

The game requires a stable internet connection

  1. WInBaji


  • Provides online casino games as well as sports betting markets 
  • A library of more than 5000 games to choose from.
  • The platform mostly caters to Indian players 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Registration is quick The verification process is lengthy 
The welcome bonus is among the finest in the country
A low deposit is required to attain the welcome bonus 
  1. Qureka


  • An exclusive loyalty program is offered to the players. 
  • The site uses the latest security measures
  • Round-the-clock customer support is available.  

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The app offers a mammoth variety of payment optionsThe website doesn’t have an iOS application as yet. 
Offers more than 10 live quizzes every day
The site is available in more than 5 languages 
  1. WinZO


  • Completely legal, safe, and secure with round-the-clock customer support
  • Swift payments utilize different famous payment methods. 
  • Numerous gaming categories cater to various preferences. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The site has endless chances of real cash-earning The app has a limited game selection in a couple of categories 
The site boasts quick and secure withdrawals. 
The website offers one of the highest-paying referral applications 
  1. Jeeto88


  • The site boasts numerous payment methods 
  • Extensive range of games from renowned suppliers. 
  • The site is known to be extremely mobile-friendly. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The site permits players to place live bets. The customer support can be delayed occasionally. 
The registration procedure is fairly quick on the site
Offers chances to win real cash by playing games. 
  1. GetMega


  • The GetMega site is known to frequently host tournaments for its users. 
  • Players can choose from a list of promotions and bonuses
  • The players can reach out to the support team via a range of methods. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The site allows users to play real money gamesA large percentage is taken by the platform making it tough to make a profit
The customers can earn money by referring their friends to the site. 
The players get access to an international platform
  1. Zupee


  • The platform boasts swift payouts within seconds
  • Round-the-clock tournaments are offered to win real cash
  • The platform is recognized by the AIGF which ensures players a secure and trustworthy gaming experience. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Opportunities to win actual cash Restricted game choices 
Assured just play via RNG certification 
A diversified player base
  1. 88cric


  • An exciting loyalty program is offered to all existing players
  • 24/7 customer support is accessible 
  • Daily, monthly as well as weekly events and tournaments to choose from.

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
A broad assortment of payment systems A limited number of promotions exist
Live betting on a range of sports is provided 
Registration procedure is swift 
  1. 10cric


  • More than a thousand slot machines to choose from
  • A wide assortment of bonuses and promotions are offered
  • The live casino on the 10cric site is like no other 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Well-established recognition in IndiaThe site is solely accessible in English 
Licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority 
Thrilling bonuses with just requirements 

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  1. Paytm First Games


  • A range of games such as poker, rummy as well as other games are offered
  • The platform also offers rewards, leaderboard challenges, and daily tournaments. 
  • The site offers actual-time gaming opportunities 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Fascinating prizes and rewards are offeredA limited number of customer support options are accessible 
High security on client data security and privacy 
The site is popular for its immediate withdrawals
  1. PlayerzPot


  • The site is renowned for being highly engaging to utilize. 
  • The PlayerzPot site is also extremely competitive, which piles on to the fun. 
  • The users can choose from various pots to play from, this includes real money pots, free pots, and practice pots.

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Rs. 1 Crore in daily money prizesLimited alternatives for deposits 
Continuance referrals bonus 
Users can avail the support agent via the phone option
  1. Gamezy


  • More than 15 delightful games such as Fantasy sports and Ludo are offered. 
  • The site allows players to win free Paytm cash
  • The app offers device leagues, practice games, and bonuses 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The app is effortless to useThe app doesn’t boast a lot of features
An extremely wide variety of games is offered
The site offers match live updates super fast. 
  1. Ace2three


  • The platform is available for both desktops as well as mobile users
  • Players can enjoy games such as rummy and earn some Paytm cash. 
  • The site hosts tournaments daily, weekly, and monthly with cash prizes up to Rs. 10 lakh. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The site is quite simple to utilizeThe customer support services can be slightly delayed
The site also offers an assortment of payment methods
Different rummy games are offered on the site
  1. SkillClash


  • The site offers a diverse gaming library
  • Players can participate in thrilling challenges and tournaments. 
  • User-friendly interface which means that the app is simple to navigate. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Offer a unique opportunity to earn real cashGames are mostly based on skill 
The site caters to a wide range of audience needs
No app install is required 
  1. mGamer


  • A bunch of tasks, surveys, lucky numbers, and more are offered. 
  • Users can participate in various game tournaments 
  • A unique referral program is offered to the users via which they can earn 500 coins as well as 10% of their earnings. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Offers payment through crypto and PayPalThe help page doesn’t include a ton of useful data
Accessible more or less globally 
The standard payout threshold is low
  1. Gamesville


  • Range of games that entertain with real money prizes
  • Players can redeem their Gamesville rewards for gift cards or real money
  • The platform allows players to turn their skills into cash-making opportunities. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Desktop versions as well as Mobile apps are accessible Players sometimes experience loading interruptions 
Signup bonuses are accessible 
  1. Loco


  • Players can stream games such as Call of Duty, FIFA, and more.
  • Multi-player as well as single-player battles are offered to earn cash. 
  • Popular ach earning such as carrom and ludo are also offered on the Betway site. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
The most competitive odds are offered hereRestricted number of payment methods available 
Convenient of navigation 
Mobile compatibility  
  1. Betway


  • The site offers a Boost section where Betway has selected markets to elevate the price. 
  • Players can claim free bets every week by just fulfilling the stated conditions. 
  • With just a tap on the screen, users can cash out on any sports bets. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cos 
An assortment of betting alternatives are available Limited promotional offers 
Effortless deposit method 
One of the finest live betting apps around 

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Money earning Games

Money-earning games have attained substantial fame in the digital age, providing players a distinctive chance to merge entertainment with the potential to earn money rewards. These online games span different genres, from skill-based challenges and strategy to casual and trivia diversions. Players can take part in intense battles, test their wits, or even depend on luck, all while vying for real cash prizes. Whether it’s battling against competitors or discovering captivating narratives, the universe of cash-earning games presents a thrilling fusion of fun and the prospect of monetary gain. 

The following are the advantages of playing real cash-earning games:  

  1. Chance to Win Big – playing real cash-earing games online permits you to win large. You could win a substantial prize with accurate gaming skills. 
  2. Variety of Games – playing actual cash-earning games online provided different sorts of games, from fantasy sports to table games. 
  3. Fast Transactions – payments are normally completed in a few seconds when playing real cash-earning games online. This makes it simple to fund your gaming account and swiftly withdraw your winnings. 
  4. Enjoyable Gaming Experience – playing real cash-earning games online can offer an enjoyable gaming experience. With exciting gameplay, immersive graphics, and a broad variety of games, you will scarcely be bored. 
  5. Security – when playing real cash-earning games online, you can rest assured that your cash is secure and safe. Reputable online gaming sites are normally regulated and licensed by governing authorities and consistently tested by independent organizations. 
  6. Improve Cognitive Functioning – playing actual real-earning games can assist in improving cognitive functions, which include problem-solving abilities and memory. 

Types of Real Cash Games

With the upsurge of online gaming sites, players can now indulge in a broad variety of real cash games right from the comfort of their homes. From strategy-based games to traditional card games, there are tons of alternatives for players who wish to try their skills and win actual cash in India. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous sorts of real-money games in India: 

  • Online Poker – one of the most popular and broadly played real cash games in India is online poker. With its mix of strategy and skill, online poker lures a significant player base in the country. Sites or poker apps such as Kheloo permit players to battle against others in different poker variations, which include Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and more. 
    You can collect significant winnings in online poker tournaments and money games by honing your poker knowledge and making strategic choices. 
  • Rummy – Rummy is a conventional card game that has effortlessly transitioned into the digital field, becoming a favorite among online money games in India. These sites provide a colorful community of players where you can test your skills in thrilling rummy tournaments and money contests. While it’s simple-to-understand rules and exciting gameplay, rummy offers an excellent avenue to earn real cash while enjoying a traditional card game. 
  • Fantasy Sports – fantasy sports have taken the Indian market by storm, providing players the opportunity to create their dream teams and battle against others depending on the actual life performance of football, cricket, and other sports players. Sites such as Winbaji and Kheloo permit users to take part in every day and season-long fantasy leagues, where their knowledge of the team and game management skills can translate into substantial earnings. Engage in strategic player selections, game forecasts, and captain choices to outwit your competitors and emerge triumphant in fantasy sports. 

Real money earning games: Strategies

The following are 6 strategies to win cash online by playing games: 

  1. Know the game – ahead of playing any real cash game, get yourself familiar with the rules. 
  2. Determine a sum – determine how much you can afford to spend, then abide by it. Set a particular budget for your gaming and abide by it. Don’t be enticed to go after losses. 
  3. Follow the trends – keeping an eye on the trends can assist you select suitable games. For example, it could be worth prioritizing if famous tournaments with substantial payouts are accessible. 
  4. Play consistently – if you’re serious about winning cash, it pays to put in the effort and play consistently. This will assist you become familiar with various game sorts and offer you a better opportunity at winning. 
  5. Take advantage of promotions – numerous online games provide special bonuses and promotions to lure new players. Make certain that you take advantage of these bonuses. 
  6. Know when to quit – determine loss and win limits before you begin playing. 

Real Money Earning Games Types

Real cash-earning games are an excellent method to make some money from home. These games offer a chance to earn cash while playing games you enjoy. They are an exceptional source of entertainment as the competition and challenge of each game. With real money-earning games, you can become a master of the game and make cash while enjoying yourself at the same time. 

The following are some famous sorts of money-earning games to play in India in 2024: 

  • Arcade
  • Trivia
  • Fantasy Sports 
  • Quiz
  • Puzzle 
  • Online Gaming Survey 
  • Running 
  • eSports Tournaments 

Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports have been around for some time now and are still among the most famous real cash-earning games. You can select your team of players, get actual-time updates, and battle against your competitors. If you win, you earn money prizes. 

The following are some famous fantasy sports online games: 

Fantasy Sports Money Earning Game FeatureSkills Required
Kheloo Real-time team managementSports knowledge, team selection
Winbaji Variety of sportsSports analysis, team creation
Jeeto88Instant cash withdrawalSports expertise, player selection
Betway Multiple sports optionsSports strategy, player analysis
88cric Batting and Bowling fantasyCricket insights, player selection
11WicketsEasy-to-use interfaceSports knowledge, player evaluation
HalaplayInnovative scoring systemSports expertise, team composition
CricPlayDaily challengesCricket understanding, team building
LeagueAddaFlexible entry feesSports insights, team crafting
GamezyUser-friendly platformSports analysis, team management

eSports real money tournaments

Esports is evolving swiftly and endless significant tournaments offer real cash prizes. Players internationally battle in games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. The following are a few famous eSports real cash-earning games without investment in India. 

eSports TournamentsReal Money-Earning Games FeaturesSkills Required
ESL IndiaGaming proficiency, teamworkInternational competitions
GamerConnectGaming skills, competition mindsetCommunity-driven events
Cobx MasterseSports expertise, strategyHigh-quality broadcasts
UCypherGaming talent, versatilityShowcasing Indian talent
Nodwin GamingeSports knowledge, tournament experienceDiverse game titles
SkyesportsGaming proficiency, communicationInteractive streaming
Indian Gaming LeagueGaming skills, competitive spiritMultiple game tournaments
The Esports ClubeSports strategy, adaptabilityRegular league events
EWar GamesGaming tactics, team dynamicsTournaments and leagues
GamingMonkeSports insights, community eventsOpen to all skill levels

Real Money earning quiz games

Quiz games have become extremely famous and offer an excellent method to make cash. You can battle with other players on different subjects, and the successor can take home a cash reward. Here are a few famous quiz real cash earning games without investment in India. 

Quiz GamesMoney Earning Game FeaturesSkills Required
Kheloo Live interactive quizzesGeneral knowledge, quick thinking
88cric Real-time multiplayerTrivia knowledge, speed
Winbaji Large cash prizesQuiz expertise, fast responses
Betway Wide variety of gamesGeneral awareness, quick reflexes
Jeeto88 Cricket-focused quizzesKnowledge across topics, accuracy
Mob Show Live host interactionTrivia mastery, competition
BaaziNow Quick and engaging quizzesGeneral knowledge, rapid responses
QunamiRich content libraryTrivia skills, multiplayer challenges
HQ TriviaGlobal participationGeneral awareness, quick answers
mGamerRewards for game knowledgeGaming insights, trivia participation

Trivia money Earning games

Online Trivia games are an excellent method to test your intelligence and make money at the same time. You can join different trivia games, and the successor can take home a money prize. Here are a few famous Trivia real cash-earning games without investment in India. 

Earning Games Feature Trivia Games Skills Needed 
Live interactive quizzesHQ TriviaQuick answers, general knowledge
Multiplayer competitionKheloo Trivia expertise, speed
Real-time host interactionMob ShowTrivia mastery, rapid responses
Exciting cash prizes88cric Quiz skills, accuracy
Timed quiz roundsBaaziNowGeneral knowledge, quick reflexes
Skill-based challengesWinbaji Trivia insights, competitive spirit
Large variety of quizzesJeeto88 Rapid thinking, diverse topics
Wide range of quiz categoriesBetway Knowledge across subjects
Timely live quizzesThe QGeneral awareness, answering speed
Rewards for the game and trivia knowledgemGamerGaming insights, trivia participation

Online Gaming Survey

Online gaming surveys are a simple method to make some additional money. You can take online surveys from different firms and make money. The following are some famous online gaming surveys in India: 

Money Earning Games Online Gaming Surveys Skills Needed 
Multiple earning optionsSwagbucksOpinion sharing, participation
Various survey topicsOpinion OutpostSurvey participation, feedback
Points for surveysTolunaSurvey insights, sharing opinions
Rewards for survey completionValued OpinionsOpinion contribution, consistent input
Cash payments for surveysVindale ResearchSurvey engagement, honest feedback
Exclusive product surveysPinecone ResearchSurvey involvement, demographic match
Point-based rewardsSurvey JunkieSurvey participation, profile completion
Cash and gift card rewardsi-SaySurvey opinions, regular participation
Influence public policyYouGovPublic opinion sharing, political insights
Multiple ways to earnMyPointsSurvey completion, diverse earning options

Puzzle Money Earning Games

Puzzle cash-earning games merge the excitement of solving challenging puzzles with the possibility of earning actual rewards. Players take part in brain-teasing scenarios that test their creativity, problem-solving skills, and logic. These games provide a distinctive blend of menstrual stimulation and entertainment, prompting players to strategize and think critically. 

Following are a couple of famous puzzles real cash-earning games without investment in India: 

Cash Earning Games Puzzle Games Skills Needed 
Escher-inspired puzzlesMonument ValleySpatial awareness, puzzle-solving
Clever physics-based puzzlesCut the RopePhysics understanding, strategy
Connect and clear dotsTwo DotsPuzzle-solving, strategy
Intricate mechanical puzzlesThe Room Puzzle-solving, exploration
Simple yet challengingFlow Free Pattern recognition, logic
Addictive number puzzle2048Logical thinking, strategy
Match-3 candy funCandy Crush SagaMatching, strategy
Water manipulation puzzlesWhere’s My Water?Puzzle-solving, physics
Classic number puzzleSudokuLogical deduction, pattern recognition
Fast-paced gem matchingBejeweled BlitzQuick reactions, pattern recognition

Real Money Earning Running Games

Running games, a famous genre in the universe of online gaming, offer players quick-paced and exhilarating experiences. These games frequently challenge players’ reflexes, decision-making, and timing as they navigate through a range of dynamic environments filled with pitfalls, power-ups, and obstacles. Running games come in different themes, from tons of runners set in colorful landscapes to exciting survival scenarios in post-apocalyptic worlds. 

Following are some famous running actual cash games without investment in India: 

Running Games Cash Earning Game Feature Skills Needed 
Temple Run 2 Infinite running adventureSwift reflexes, obstacle evasion 
Subway Surfers Infinite runners Reflexes, obstacle dodging 
Alto’s Adventure Serene endless runner Reflexes, timing 
Jetpack Joyride Infinite flying fun Upgrades, timing 
Into the Dead 2 Zombie apocalypse runner Shooting, survival instincts 
Canabalt Conventional infinite runnerTiming, swift reflexes 
Wind Rider Soaring through obstacles Timing, precision control 
Vector Dynamic and fluid runningMomentum, parkour skills
Chameleon Run Platforms with a spin Color-switching timing, reflexes
Temple Run Pioneering endless runnerObstacle evasion, swift reactions 

Why Play Actual Cash Winning Games

Playing actual cash-winning games can provide numerous benefits and reasons for individuals to participate. Here are a few reasons why individuals opt to play real cash games: 

  1. Fun and Entertainment – Real cash games offer an immersive and thrilling gaming experience that adds a layer of enjoyment and thrill. The chance to win actual cash or prizes can elevate the general entertainment value of the game. 
  1. Skill Development – particularly actual cash games, such as fantasy cricket, poker, or rummy, demand skill, critical thinking, and strategy. Taking part in these games can assist players improve their decision-making capabilities, strategic planning, and analytical skills, which can be transferable to other elements of life. 
  1. Financial Incentive – these actual cash games offer the possibility to earn extra income. Skilled players can make money by leveraging their game knowledge and expertise, especially in games such as fantasy or poker, where success is directly linked to performance and skill. 
  1. Achievement and Competition – real cash games frequently include battling against other teams or players, creating a competitive environment. For people who thrive on challenges and enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with succeeding, actual cash games can offer a site to present their achievements and skills. 
  1. Social Interaction – numerous real-money games have colorful communities and player networks. Engaging in these games can foster social connections, permitting players to communicate with like-minded individuals, join guilds or teams, and take part in online communities centered around the game. 
  1. Learning Chances – real-cash games can be educational, offering players insights into different aspects such as teamwork, decision-making, strategy, and financial management. Engaging in these games can assist people develop valuable skills that can be implemented in actual-life scenarios.  

Bonus Tips to Earn Cash by Playing Online Games:

  • Stream your Gameplay – take into consideration streaming your gameplay on sites such as YouTube or Twitter. You can earn cash via sponsorships, ads, and donations if you attract a following. 
  • Remain Informed about Esports – Esports is a swiftly growing sector with significant prize pools. If you’re outstandingly skilled at a certain game, you might take into consideration pursuing a career in competitive gaming. 
  • Collaborate and Network – connect with other gamers and find partnerships, tournaments or collaborations that can assist you reach a broader audience and possibly earn more. 
  • Understand and Read Terms and Conditions – before taking part in any online gaming site or tournament, carefully read and comprehend the terms and conditions, which include withdrawal processes and payout rules. 


The accessibility of real money-earning games in India has transformed the online gaming landscape, providing a compelling method to earn a significant income. With alternatives such as rummy, fantasy sports, and online poker, players can now alter their gaming skills into actual money rewards. Approaching these games responsibly and comprehending the risks and regulations involved are critical. By choosing a trustworthy and reliable gaming site, players can indulge in the thrill of playing for real cash securely. Select wisely and play responsibly to make the most of online money games in India. 


  1. Can a player withdraw their winnings by playing real money-earning games? 
  • Indeed. You can withdraw your profits from real cash-earning games. They normally provide safe and instant money withdrawals. Make certain that you download the game from an authentic website. 
  1. Which applications give actual cash? 
  • Kheloo is one such real money app. You can play some of the finest online cash games, such as Snakes and Ladders, Trump cards, and Ludo by downloading just a single app. 
  1. Can a player earn money by playing online games? 
  • Indeed. There are numerous methods to play and earn cash online. You can join tournaments, and battle for money prizes. A few fimes will pay you for playing certain games, or testing games. Look at this article to comprehend how to earn cash by playing games. 
  1. Is it secure to play online actual cash games? 
  • Indeed. Reputable online platforms employ the newest technology to make certain that all player information is kept confidential and secure. All payments are processed safely, and your data is not distributed to third parties. 

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