Suryakumar Yadav, the crowd’s electrifying “Sky,” is a T20 batting BEAST for India! This 33-year-old phenom might be a legend now, but plot twist – his IPL journey started kinda ROUGH. Buckle up, because his story is next-level CRAZY!

Early Stumbles & A Kolkata Knight’s Dream

During the year of 2012, Sky joined the Mumbai Indians. But we cannot say it was his best tour. But guess what? TALENT LIKE HIS can’t stay hidden forever! The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) saw his potential in 2014 and grabbed him for a cool INR 70 Lacs. Talk about a STEAL for KKR!

Suryakumar Yadav’s IPL Auction Prices

YearIPL TeamAuction Price (INR)
2018Mumbai Indians3.20 Cr
2019Mumbai Indians(Retain)3.20 Cr
2020Mumbai Indians (Retain)3.20 Cr
2021Mumbai Indians3.20 Cr
2022Mumbai Indians8.00 Cr
2023Mumbai Indians (Retain)8.00 Cr
2024Mumbai Indians (Retain)8.00 Cr

A Knock That ROCKED the League!

2015 was a GAME-CHANGER. Playing against his old team, the Mumbai Indians, Sky went absolutely BONKERS with the bat! This EPIC display against his former teammates turned EVERYONE’s heads. SKY WAS HERE TO STAY!

Mumbai Calls Back Their Prodigy

Sky’s mind-blowing skills didn’t escape his first IPL love, the Mumbai Indians. In 2018, they brought their “prodigy” back, but this time with a BIGGER price tag – a whopping INR 3.20 crore! This reunion was clearly meant to be!

From Good to GREATNESS!

Since returning to Mumbai, Sky has become their batting SUPERHERO! He blasts runs like it’s his DAY JOB and can handle ANY curveball the game throws. He’s the UNDISPUTED MVP of their batting lineup, NO DOUBT! Mumbai showered him with love in 2024 by keeping him on the team for a MASSIVE INR 8 Cr – Now that’s what you call appreciating a player! 

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Suryakumar Yadav’s IPL Career Stats & Records

IPL SeasonMatches PlayedTotal RunsBatting AverageHighest ScoreStrike Rate

Even with a slow start, Sky’s hard work has totally PAID OFF BIG TIME! He keeps REWRITING his IPL story with batting displays that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Remember that CRAZY 103 he scored against the Gujarat Titans in 2023? That just proves his skills are just INSANE!

An Inspiration for Budding Cricketers

Suryakumar Yadav’s IPL journey is a true UNDERDOG story on STEROIDS! It’s about NEVER giving up, having talent that EXPLODES with opportunity, and the ultimate reward – sweet, sweet VICTORY! He’s a total HERO for young cricketers, showing them that hard work and GRIT can turn your dreams into REALITY.

Suryakumar Yadav’s IPL Career Statistics

YearMatchesRuns50’s100’sStrike Rate

SKY’s IPL 2023: Runs Galore!

Suryakumar Yadav, they call him SKY, was on a TEAR in IPL 2023! BOOM! Big runs, leaving everyone speechless. Let’s see how CRAZY good he was:

  • Played ALL the Games (16)! Yep, ALL 16 matches! SKY batted every single time, and guess what? Fans went WILD!
  • Scored a TON of Runs (605)! That’s right, a whopping 605 runs! SKY was near the TOP of the scorers’ list. HUGE numbers!
  • Hit the Ball HARD (Avg: 43.21)! Not just lots of runs, but consistent too! Over 43 runs every time he batted. WOW!
  • One Match, He Couldn’t Be Stopped (103)!  SKY scored a TON of runs in one game and wouldn’t get OUT! An unbeaten 103! UNBELIEVABLE!
  • Fast Runs ALL the Time (Strike Rate: 181.14)! The bowlers threw the ball, but SKY just kept SMASHING it! Runs came like crazy, FAST!

SKY: IPL Master!

But wait, there’s MORE! SKY’s been a SUPERSTAR in the IPL for a long time:

  • Played a LOT of Games (139)! SKY has been in the IPL for ages! Played in over 139 matches! That’s a LOT of cricket!
  • Scored a BUNCH of Runs (3249)! And guess what? Over 3,200 runs in total! SKY is a RUN MACHINE!
  • Hit the Ball OUT of the Park (100s: 1, 50s: 21)! He’s not just good, he’s AMAZING! One BIG score of over 100 and a whopping 21 scores of over 50! BOOM!
  • Hit the Ball FAR and WIDE (Fours: 349, Sixes: 112)! The ball goes everywhere when SKY hits it! Hundreds of boundaries and even more SIXES that fly way out! CRAZY!
FormatMatchesRunsHighest Score

SKY: International Star Too!

The IPL is SKY’s playground, but he’s doing GREAT outside it too:

  • Started Playing Internationally Later (Debut: 2021)! Believe it or not, SKY only just started playing for India in 2021! Took a while!
  • Runs Everywhere (Tests, T20s, ODIs)! No matter the format, SKY scores runs! He’s got hundreds in T20s and ODIs already!

SKY: Cricket Legend!

SKY’s journey is AWESOME! He works hard and scores BIG runs! He’s a STAR in the IPL and internationally too! We all love watching SKY bat!


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