Shikhar Dhawan now is rock star for the IPL for Punjab Kings! He’s a run-scoring beast – #3 all-time! Believe it or not, he’s the only player to ever hit two hundreds in a row!

Dhawan’s IPL story is wild! Delhi Daredevils was the first team he got to play for. Later, Sunrisers Hyderabad got him back for cheap! But in 2022, the Punjab Kings noticed his skills. And noticing his incredible skills they planned to get him and therefore paid a ton to get him! 

YearIPL TeamPrice
2018Sunrisers HyderabadINR 5.20 Cr
2019Delhi CapitalsINR 5.20 Cr
2020Delhi CapitalsINR 5.20 Cr
2021Delhi CapitalsINR 5.20 Cr
2022Punjab KingsINR 8.25 Cr
2023Punjab KingsINR 8.25 Cr
2024Punjab KingsINR 8.25 Cr

Shikhar Dhawa IPL stats and records 

106 runs are the top score he secured (without getting out)! He got this amazing score during Delhi Capitals against Punjab Kings. This match took plae on October 20, 2020.

SNOpponentRuns ScoredNot OutBalls FacedFoursSixes

Dhawan wasn’t a big shiny star yet, but everyone knew he could play good! He went to play with the big boys on the Delhi Daredevils with Sehwag and Gambhir! Even though it was his first time, Dhawan helped his team a lot batting in the number 3 spot. He scored the third most runs, a big number – 340 runs – in just 14 games! Wow!

Dhawan’s best score in the whole game ever is a super high number – 106 runs! And guess what? He didn’t even get out! This super cool thing happened in 2020 when he played for the Delhi Capitals against the Kings XI Punjab. Not only that, but Dhawan became number one because he scored two big hundreds in a row! That’s amazing!

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Fast forward to the next game time, and Dhawan was a super helper again for the Delhi Capitals! He hit the ball first, which is very important, to help his team get a good start. Even though he wasn’t hitting the ball as fast as before, he still scored lots and lots, which helped his team win!

  1. Matches Played: 16
  2. Runs Scored: 587
  3. Average: 39.13
  4. Highest Score: 92
  5. Strike Rate: 124.62
  6. Number of Fifties: 3

No big hundreds this time, but he helped his team a lot! See his numbers: Played 14 games, made 460 runs, average was 38, highest score was 88 not out, and he got 3 fifties! Wow!

  • Played in 14 matches
  • Scored 460 runs
  • Average of 38.33
  • His best score was 88 runs without getting out
  • Got fifty runs in 3 matches

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Captain Dhawan!

Dhawan became captain in 2023! He started well with the bat, but then not so good. But he’s very experienced and a great leader! See his numbers: Played 11 games, made 373 runs, highest score was 99 not out, average was 41, and he got 3 fifties again!

  • Played 11 matches
  • Scored 373 runs
  • His highest score was 99 runs without getting out
  • Average of 41.44
  • Hit fifty runs in 3 matches

Dhawan the IPL Star!

Dhawan has been amazing in the IPL since 2008! He has a giant pile of runs – 6617 in 217 games! His average is good too – 35! He even made 2 hundreds and a massive 50 fifties! His highest score ever is 106 not out! And guess what? He hit the ball really hard – 750 fours and 148 sixes!

IPL 2008 to IPL 2024 stats

IPL SeasonMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s4s6s

Last 10 IPL 2024 Innings

Match NumberOpponentScore (Wickets Lost, Balls Faced)
1Hyderabad14 (16)
2Gujarat1 (2)
3Lucknow70 (50)
4Bangalore45 (37)
5Delhi22 (16)
6Rajasthan17 (12)
7Delhi0 (1)
8Delhi7 (5)
9Kolkata57 (47)
10Mumbai30 (20)

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