One of the true story movies to be released in 1995 was Casino – directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone.

It was one of the best ever cinematic adaptations and he basically re-lived his real-life counterpart that ran Vegas in casinos such as Fremont, Hacienda, Stardust for Chicago mob from early to mid-70s up until late 80s.

And who can blame them, but is there really truth in the movie Casino.

Like most movies based on a true story, there are always some elements that have been changed for dramatic effect or added in as metaphors — and Casino is no different.

But, there are a few scenes that do give us the reality dose. But some of us also recognise those real-life moments that are literally too good for the script writers to ignore.

1. The show was based on true story of the characters.

All of the main characters in Casino are based on real-life people

In Casino, the character Sam “Ace” Rothstein is based on mobster Frank Rosenthal and Ginger McKenna was inspired by blond former Las Vegas show girl Geri McGee (Rosenthal’s wife).

Lefty Rosenthal & Geri McGee

Nicky Santoro is based on mobster Anthony Spilotro as well, and even Phillip Green would become Allen Glick a casino tycoon & Mobster (Allen Glich had just passed away).

The character traits are just the tip of the iceberg because there is an endless list to similarities everywhere.

2. Rosenthal Really Didn’t Have A Gaming License

Yes, true story. The real Rosenthal had no gaming license.

The mob knew it was too dangerous to try licensing Rosenthal because of his connection with organized crime.

In order to circumvent the issue, Rosenthal was given less glamorous positions at his various casinos around the country such as entertainment director and food and beverage manager.

The subterfuge comes to a boil at the end with Rothstein, in an explosive courtroom scene that exposes just how rigged things used to be.

Amazingly, a nearly identical court case and outburst involved Rosenthal.

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3. Rosenthal was, in fact car bombed alive

Rothstein survives a car bombing which is taken directly from Rosenthal’s real life experience.

How did Rosenthal make it from that into this?

Fortunately for him, his ass — quite literally — was saved by a metal stabilization plate under the driver’s seat.

4. A former casino executive killed in his Costa Rica home

Casino presents us with a number of murders that did indeed occur in real life.

When a one-time casino executive was hunted by an assassin and died violently at his home in Costa Rica, it rated as eight points higher on the scale.

5. Geri and Crowe were screwing, however Spilotro was sleeping with her innards

Rothstein and Santoro both die, mostly because of the love triangle involving Rothstein’s companion McKenna in the movie.

In reality, it has been claimed that McGee had an affair with Spilotro while she was still married to Rosenthal.

Geri and Spilotro affair included in Casino

Had it similarly backfires like in the movie? Unlikely.

Still in VERY BAD grace with the mob, unnecessarily so.

6. Cause of Geri Linke’s Death? 

Gunshot WoundNewPropositivity, August 17, 2018 (NPG) — A death investigation is being conducted by New Prague police after an unidentified male reported as a “family member” came home and found the body of his mother dead at their residence on Monday morning.

It remains one of the low points in Rosenthal’s life, when his ex-wife Geri died from a drug overdose.

This was naturally reflected in Casino, with Stone’s McKenna ending up dead on a mattress at the end of this movie.

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7. Spilotro With His Brother Anthony 

Pesci’s Santoro and his younger brother Dominick, meanwhile at least in the most iconic cinematic death of a gangster movie get lit up dressed as Native Americans by Frankie “Frankie” Marino after Rothstein has been car-bombed.

In turn, and by way of retribution the mob believes Santoro and that he is becoming too ambitious following such a high profile bombing – so they dig Santoro up to his neck in a cornfield along with his brother.

In reality, this is exactly what happened to Santoro’s true life counterpart Anthony Spilotro. According to the mobsters, he and his brother were buried in a cornfield in Indiana.

Best Place to Stream the Movie Casino

No joke, Casino is (sadly) missing from Netflix UK and it’s also not part of the Prime Video subscription.


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