This type of games has been grabbing the attention of the user audience for some time now. 2019 is believed to be the beginning of JetX when the provider Smartsoft Gaming announced it to the international gambling sector. Almost immediately, all leading gambling firms adopted it as part of their operationality. The game itself is a modern and completely new entertainment format. After all, your success is based not on digital algorithms but on the basic human factor. After all, only you will determine whether to take a risk or take a small coefficient and attempt to get the greatest! 

What Is the JetX Game?

JetX refers to a particular game by SmartSoft Gaming provider. Its primary feature is the omission of any restrictions within the winnings, which explains why all gambling lovers much appreciate JetX. It’s tough to find any winning recommendations or tactics here. After all, the complete essence comes down to the fact that you make a bet and initiate the character in flight on a sort of coordinate system, where each number is a likely coefficient. You can press stop at any instance of flight, as a consequence of which your bet will be multiplied by the coefficient attained by you. The difficulty is that at times the character can accelerate and fly away, so your bet loses and goes to 0. Nevertheless, it is still one of the selected dynamic activities in the online space! 

JetX Crash Game: Standard Information

If you’re thinking whether you should attempt to play this game, the answer is easy. Indeed, you should try it. And for a complete understanding that this is a quality digital product, you should read the crucial data about it below: 

Year of Release 2019
Supplier SmartSoft Gaming  
Ability to play the Demo Version Yes
Returns to Player 97%
Minimum Multiplier x1.00
Maximum Multiplier x100
Access Functions through mobile apps and websites 
Minimum Bet Rs. 10
Maximum Bet Rs. 10,000

Jet-X Game Features

As this game is an excellent alternative for any player in Kheloo India, it’s crucial to know all the features that it possesses. The following features of JetX Kheloo have been discovered. 

Software Supplier SmartSoft Gaming 
Minimum Bet Sum Rs. 10 
Maximum Bet Sum Rs. 1,00,000
Max Multiplier 25,000x
Auto Betting Present 
Demo Mode Available 
Availability in Mobile ApplicationYes, for iOS and Android 

JetX Game: Primary Rules

The mandates for how to play JetX are easy. Once you open the game, you will discover the jet and the field where it will set off. Once the game begins, the jet will begin going higher and higher, and the higher it goes – the more funds you can win if you withdraw your bet at the right moment, as the jet is a showcase of the odds growth, which you can see right in the middle of the screen. 

Of course, in each round, the jet crashes at varied times, which signifies that the odds for each round will be separate thanks to the True RNG algorithm. It computes results for each round before it begins and can’t be impacted by Kheloo or any 3rd party. 

How to Play Jet-X Game on Kheloo

The rules of the games are simple, so even new players can gamble. To begin playing JetX India, there are only a few easy steps to complete:

  • Step 1 – Open the platform in any convenient browser or Kheloo mobile app
  • Step 2 – Register an account or log into an existing account. 
  • Step 3 – Deposit using one of the offered payment methods 
  • Step 4 – Open the Instant Games list on the primary page of Kheloo India
  • Step 5 – Find the game and open it by tapping on the game logo. 
  • Step 6 – Enter the sum you wish to bet. 
  • Step 7 – Confirm it by tapping on Place Your Bet 
  • Step 8 – Begin playing 

After the completion of all the items outlined above, you will have access to JetX without any issues. You can also attempt the JetX demo mode if you wish to test out the game’s safety first. To do so, just tap on the JetX button on the Instant Games list, and the game will permit you to play the demo mode by tapping on Try Demo under the gaming field. 

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Jet X Game Review in Kheloo

The Kheloo JetX Game is an excellent alternative for both experienced and new players. It features odds that vary from x1.00 up to x25,000, which will permit you to get excellent profits. What’s more, it has a large variety of functions accessible to Indian bettors: 

  • Double Bet – You can place 2 bets at the same time;
  • Auto Cashout – Determine a particular coefficient, and the game will withdraw your bet or 2 automatically when reaching this multiplier; 
  • Auto Bet – Determine multiple rounds and the bet size to place bets directly; 
  • Statistics – There is a large area presenting other Indian players’ results, present stakes, the history of your bets, and more. 
  • Chat – an ideal alternative for those who wish to share their opinion on the game;
  • A line of multipliers – On the left-hand side, there is a line with the newest multipliers reached. 

Kheloo Bonus to play Jet-X Betting Game

Attaining an initial reward swiftly after signing up is always nice, and Kheloo has taken care of that for their users who prefer JetX. The welcome bonus will offer you close to Rs. 1,00,000. It just requires you to make your initial deposit. 

To attain such a bonus for a new user, you just need to go through the registration procedure. Following that, you have to deposit a minimum of Rs. 300. Once you do so, the welcome bonus will swiftly be credited to your account, and you’ll be able to use it for the JetX crash game. 

Kheloo Promo Code for Jet-X

While making an account, you have the chance to use a promo code. This is one of the alternatives that will make the game even more beneficial for you, as it offers a 150% reward up to Rs. 50,000. Thus, if you are the lucky owner of such a promo code, you’ll be required to enter it when going through the registration procedure in a particularly designated field. 

Download the Jet-X App from Kheloo

Kheloo attributes an excellent mobile application for iOS and Android gadgets. The JetX download is simple and free for anyone. The registration and verification procedure can go as swiftly as possible for new users as all actions can be done intuitively and you won’t go wrong. 

Android Application 

The Kheloo JetX application for Android should initially be downloaded before being usable. It’s highly beneficial to use it if you wish to play JetX outside your home, so here is how to attain it: 

  • Open the Apps page of Kheloo India and choose Android from the list of accessible apps. 
  • While the APK file downloads permit 3rd party installations in the mobile settings. 
  • Open the APK file and install the Kheloo application. 

iOS Application 

The following are the directives on how to install the app on your iPhone: 

  • Head to the Kheloo website in your browser
  • Open the page named Apps
  • Choose the iOS version of the application
  • Pause for the download to be done. 

Deposit Methods to Play Jet X Game on Kheloo

To begin playing JetX, you need to finance your gaming account. Kheloo has a brilliant selection of payment systems, a couple of which are mentioned below: 

  • UPI Transfer;
  • Skrill;
  • AstroPay;
  • UPI QR;
  • Netbanking;
  • PhonePe Direct. 

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Play JetX Casino Game for Real with 150% Bonus

The opposite of the demo version is the exciting JetX real cash game. All you are required to do is have a registered and verified profit and deposit any sum you want. Following that, you should bet actual cash when taking part in the game. Following each successful round, the cash you earn will be directly credited to your gaming account, from where you can withdraw it without any issues! 

Advantages of Playing JetX in Kheloo

This game has tons of advantages for Indian bettors, and this is the reason it is so highly- demanded in this nation. Here are the primary benefits: 

  • Accessibility of a demo version – If this is the first time you’ve tried JetX, Kheloo offers you the opportunity to play it in a demo format. That is, you’ll be able to understand the specifics of the game and play it without the risk of losing your funds. 
  • The ability to play in a mobile application – Now and then, you may wish to play JetX outside your home, and the mobile application Kheloo is the finest alternative for doing so; 
  • Chance to win big – As the maximum multiplier is x25,000, you can win a solid amount if you are lucky enough; 
  • High-tech graphics – Nothing is as delightful as HD animations and graphics. JetX falls into that list, as the game features excellent animations and pleasant music. 

Tips & Tricks for Playing JetX

The tips showcased here are your standard guarantee that all actions in the game will be fruitful. The most critical rule is to approach the game responsibly and with common intelligence. Otherwise, there are the following tricks and tips: 

  • Make large bets and cash them out even at the smallest odds;
  • You can also place miniature bets but attempt to get large odds;
  • Place 2 bets simultaneously, take one at the small multiplier and the other at the large multiplier; 
  • If you lose a bet, it’s better to make the ensuing bet at 1.75x the odds of the former bet; 
  • Decide on a time and money limit for the day. 

Demo Version Kheloo JetX

Kheloo offers a demo version of JetX, a brilliant alternative for new users to get familiar with the game mechanics. The demo format permits players to experiment with various strategies without endangering actual cash, elevating their comprehension of the game. It’s a treasured resource, offering insights into gameplay, payout patterns, and possible winning strategies. By spending time in the demo format, players can enter actual cash games with a clear strategy and confidence. 

Is Kheloo Legal in India?

Indeed, JetX Kheloo is legal in India. Kheloo functions under a Curacao Gaming License, and there are no certain laws forbidding Indian bettors from taking part in online casinos that operate overseas. However, customers should make certain that they understand the regulations applicable in their particular state. 


JetX India is a quality and modern program that will assist you in having fun and earning funds simultaneously. The primary thing in this matter is to correctly and competently select the firm, within the functionality of which you will use the game. Carefully pursue the statistics, use a couple of tricks, and become a JetX master! 


  1. Is it worth trying the JetX game of Kheloo? 
  • The game is an excellent alternative for anyone, as the odds vary from 1.00x up to 25,000x, which will permit you to get a decent surplus if you are lucky. 
  1. Are there bonuses that are compatible with JetX on the Kheloo website and app? 
  • Yes. For instance, you can use the welcome bonus of Kheloo for playing JetX or a promo code. It would also be beneficial to use free bets while playing the game. 
  1. Does the JetX game of Kheloo vary on the website and the mobile app? 
  • No, they don’t. As the JetX game is part of the casino, the operationality is the same both in the program and on the website. 
  1. Is JetX a dependable game? 
  • Indeed, it is. Kheloo has committed apps for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app and enjoy JetX anywhere, anytime. 
  1. Is it safe to withdraw and deposit cash on Kheloo? 
  • Yes, Kheloo offers a secure platform with numerous payment options for withdrawals and deposits. You can manage your transactions safely and easily. 
  1. Why is JetX so famous in India? 
  • Gamblers in India appreciate games with simple rules and maximally favorable chances. That’s why JetX is getting a ton of attention from the user base. After all, it’s completely safe and legal and also offers chances to make major profits. 
  1. How long does 1 round last in the JetX game? 
  • The round lasts for 2 stages – the flight of character and the rest period. Thus, things may differ. The flight can be as short as two seconds or as long as a couple of minutes. On average, it will not go over 5 minutes. 

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