The Exciting Cricket Journey

Hey there, amazing cricket fans! Get ready for a fun trip down memory lane where we’ll meet the amazing batsmen who scored the most runs in the big cricket party called the “ODI World Cup.” It happened many times from 1975 to 2019, and we’ll see who was the best at hitting the ball!

Glenn Turner’s Super Hits in 1975

The first time this big cricket party started in 1975, Glenn Turner from New Zealand was like a superstar! He hit the ball so well and scored 333 runs in only four matches. That’s a lot of runs!

Gordon Greenidge’s Turn in 1979

In 1979, a cool guy from the West Indies named Gordon Greenidge was the best at hitting the ball. He made 253 runs in just four matches. That’s pretty fast!

David Gower’s Elegant Batting in 1983

In 1983, there was this English cricketer named David Gower. He was so graceful when he hit the ball. David scored 384 runs in seven matches. Wow!

Graham Gooch’s Run-Fest in 1987

Graham Gooch from England was on fire in 1987! He scored a massive 471 runs in eight matches. That’s a lot of running around the field!

Martin Crowe’s Classy Show in 1992

New Zealand’s Martin Crowe was like a gentleman with the bat in 1992. He scored 456 runs in nine matches. That’s a classy way to play!

Sachin Tendulkar’s Magic in 1996

Now, here’s a magical player. Sachin Tendulkar from India was the best in 1996. He scored a whopping 523 runs in seven matches. It was like watching a wizard!

Rahul Dravid’s Dependable Batting in 1999

Rahul Dravid, another hero from India, showed his dependability in 1999. He scored 461 runs in eight matches. Dependable means you can always count on him!

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Sachin Tendulkar Strikes Again in 2003

Sachin Tendulkar returned in 2003 and showed why he’s a legend. He made a crazy 673 runs in 11 matches. That’s a lot of runs to count!

Matthew Hayden’s Fiery Form in 2007

In 2007, an Australian named Matthew Hayden was like a firecracker. He scored 659 runs in 11 matches. He was unstoppable!

Dilshan’s Brilliance in 2011

Sri Lanka’s Tilakeratne Dilshan was brilliant in 2011. He scored 500 runs and was the best in that year’s cricket party.

Guptill’s Heroics in 2015

Martin Guptill from New Zealand was a hero in 2015. He hit the ball so well and scored 547 runs in nine matches. He was like a superhero!

Rohit Sharma’s Amazing 2019

In 2019, India’s Rohit Sharma was on top. He made an incredible 648 runs in nine matches. He was the best of the best!

Glenn Turner1975333
Gordon Greenidge1979253
David Gower1983384
Graham Gooch1987471
Martin Crowe1992456
Sachin Tendulkar1996523
Rahul Dravid1999461
Sachin Tendulkar2003673
Matthew Hayden2007659
Tilakeratne Dilshan2011500
Martin Guptill2015547
Rohit Sharma2019648

So, there you have it, amazing cricket fans! These amazing players showed their magic with the bat in the big cricket parties over the years. Who will be the next batting superstar in the upcoming 2023 World Cup? Let’s wait and watch the cricket fun!


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