Awesome Indian Lady Golfers

Golf is a fun game that lots of people in India really like! Let’s see the super cool ladies who play golf in India and make it super exciting!

  • Aditi Ashok: Youngest Winner

Aditi Ashok is a super-duper golfer! In 2016, she won a big Ladies European Tour thingy and became the youngest Indian to do it. Aditi also played in cool tournaments like the Olympics and LPGA Tour. Go, Aditi!

  • Diksha Dagar: Baby Star

Diksha Dagar is like a baby star in women’s golf. In 2019, she won the Women’s South African Open, and now everyone thinks she’s going to be super awesome! Go, Diksha!

  • Tvesa Malik: Always Good

Tvesa Malik is all about being good all the time. She won a lot in the Ladies European Tour Access Series and Women’s Pro Golf Tour in India. People see her as a serious and good player.

  • Vani Kapoor: Big Deal

Vani Kapoor is a big deal in Indian women’s golf. She won many times on the Women’s Pro Golf Tour in India. People know her for her skills and how she is really into the game.

  • Sharmila Nicollet: Good Everywhere

Sharmila Nicollet is good everywhere. She won a bunch in India and did well in other countries too. People like her because she is good at different things in golf.

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  • Astha Madan: Making Things Happen

Astha Madan is a young player who is making things happen. She won on the Women’s Pro Golf Tour in India and played for India in big tournaments. People see her as someone with lots of potential.

  • Amandeep Drall: Super Consistent

Amandeep Drall is super consistent and skillful. She won on the Women’s Pro Golf Tour and Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour. People know her as a really good and steady player.

  • Ridhima Dilawari:

Sparkling Newcomer Guess what? Ridhima Dilawari is like this shiny new star in Indian women’s golf. She did this special thing on the Women’s Golf Association of India Tour and played in really big events all over the world. People are thinking she’s getting super good!

  • Gaurika Bishnoi

Forever Awesome So, Gaurika Bishnoi is like always doing great in the Women’s Pro Golf Tour in India. She won a bunch of times and is basically one of the very best female golfers in the whole country. Yay for Gaurika!

  • Smriti Mehra: Veteran Pro

Smriti Mehra is a veteran, a pro in Indian golf. She played for India in big events and won a lot on the Ladies Asian Golf Tour. She made a big impact on golf in India.

These women are amazing and show how good women’s golf is in India. They do awesome things and inspire others who want to play golf. They make Indian golf exciting!

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Famous Male Golf Players From India: 

  1. Anirban Lahiri: He’s a real good golfer from India. He wins lots in Asia and even plays in PGA Championship. People all over think he’s super awesome at golf.
  2. Shubhankar Sharma: He’s kinda new but real good at golf. Started playing in 2018 and was amazing. Led in a big tournament and got famous for being really good. People say he’s the future of Indian golf.
  3. Gaganjeet Bhullar: He’s been playing golf for a long time and still real good. Wins lots in Asia and Europe. Super accurate and always does well. Everyone knows he’s a great golfer.
  4. Shiv Kapur: He’s a respected golfer in India with lots of experience. Wins a bunch in Asia and Europe, showing he knows lots about golf. Cool under pressure and always does well.
  5. Rashid Khan: He’s good at golf in India. Wins on Asian Tour and at home a lot. People like him ’cause he’s real precise and can handle tough conditions. He’s a big deal in Indian golf.
  6. Ajeetesh Sandhu: Doing awesome in Asian golf. Making a name for himself with steady play and doing well under pressure. He’s one of the rising stars in India.
  7. S. Chikkarangappa: He’s a new star in Indian golf. Wins on the local tour and does well in Asia. People like him ’cause he plays super strong and always does well.
  8. Khalin Joshi: He’s a real good golfer with natural talent. Wins on the Asian Development Tour and does well in Asia. People think he could be a top golfer in India. Yay, Khalin!
  9. Jyoti Randhawa: He’s a veteran in Indian golf. Wins lots on Asian Tour and is super experienced. Showing the way for new golfers in India.
  10. Chiragh Kumar: Always does well in Indian golf. Wins on the Asian Tour and in local tournaments. People like him ’cause he’s consistent and works hard. One of the top golfers in India.

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Questions About Indian Golf Stars:

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Explore Indian Golf: Learn about top players, global stars, and the future champs in Indian golf. It’s a world full of excitement and talent!


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