Sharing apps with friends is like a fun game! Back in college, using apps like PhonePe, Paytm, and Google Pay meant getting extra money. This sharing thing is still going on, but not all apps are the same. We’ve sifted through the clutter to bring you a list of genuine refer and earn apps that dish out real money.


Top 20 Refer and Earn Apps

1. Upstox⭐ 4.4
2. IIFL Securities⭐ 4.1
3. Paytm Money⭐ 4.6
4. My11 Circle⭐ 3.9
5. Cred⭐ 4.3
6. YSense⭐ 4.2
7. Meesho⭐ 4.0
8. Kheloo⭐ 4.5
9. NewsDog⭐ 4.4
10. RapidBox App⭐ 4.1
11. Zerodha⭐ 4.6
12. Big Cash⭐ 3.8
13. EarnKaro⭐ 4.3
14. One Code App⭐ 4.0
15. BoloIndya App⭐ 4.2
16. Frenzi App⭐ 4.5
17. mCent Browser⭐ 4.1
18. CashBoss⭐ 4.4
19. m.Stock⭐ 4.0
20. Freecharge⭐ 4.2 

Refer and Earn Gems from Popular Brands

  • Google Pay
    Rating: 4.6 ⭐
  • PhonePe
    Rating: 4.3 ⭐
  • Amazon Pay
    Rating: 4.5 ⭐
  • Ola and Uber
    Rating: 4.0 ⭐
  • Swiggy
    Rating: 4.8 ⭐

In the realm of earning through referrals, these apps shine, offering diverse benefits and real rewards. Get ready to explore and make your daily ₹500 in 2024!

Upstox: Revolutionizing Investments

Unlock the World of Earnings with Upstox

Take a money adventure with Upstox, a super cool app for stocks. It helps with trading, investing, and dealing with digital money. Upstox has everything you need!

Referral Bonus Galore:
Refer friends to Upstox and watch Rs. 600 flow into your pocket for every successful sign-up. Your wallet gets a direct boost when your friend opens an account through your link. This app isn’t just about investments; it’s a gateway to earning Rs. 1000 daily.

IIFL Securities: Trading Made Rewarding

Navigate the Trading Seas with IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities is like a superstar app for trading in India. It helps you trade online and gives advice based on research. It’s the go-to place for all your trading needs!

Refer, Earn, Prosper:
Open your Demat account and explore the ‘refer and earn’ option. Share the referral link with your network, and a handsome Rs. 500 referral bonus is yours for the taking.

Paytm Money: The Cash Flow Companion

Seamless Trading with Paytm Money

From the creators of Paytm, introducing Paytm Money — your ticket to hassle-free online stock market trading.

Referral Riches:
Every referral fetches you Rs. 300, not to mention the added bonus of Rs. 100 for your referred friends. It’s a win-win where everyone’s trading account gets a boost.

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My11 Circle: Game On, Earnings On

Rummy Redefined with My11 Circle

More than just a rummy app, My11 Circle is your ticket to lucrative refer-and-earn opportunities, offering Rs. 551 per successful referral.

Play, Refer, Win:
Download the app, complete KYC with your PAN card and bank details, then head to the “Refer & Earn” section. Share the invite link, and when your friend plays for the first time, Rs. 51 is yours.

Cred: Credit Management Simplified

Manage Your Credit in Style with Cred

Known for its unique TV advertising, Cred simplifies credit card payments and management.

Refer and Reap Rewards:
Refer friends, and you both reap the benefits — Rs. 750 for you and Rs. 250 for your friend. It’s a stylish way to manage credit and earn simultaneously.

Ysense: Surveys, Games, and Earnings

Profitable Pastime with Ysense

Ysense offers a variety of money-making avenues, from online surveys to gaming and video watching.

Refer, Earn, Repeat:
Utilize the refer and earn option, earning between $0.10 and $0.30 for every successful referral. As your friends hit their first $5, enjoy an extra $2. Plus, you’re entitled to 20% of your friends’ future earnings.

In the realm of refer and earn, these apps redefine financial gains. Dive into a world where earnings are not just complex, but pleasantly varied.

Meesho: Your Gateway to Online Selling

Empower Your Business with Meesho

Meesho, an eCommerce platform, opens doors for business enthusiasts globally. Discover the power of selling your goods worldwide with this user-friendly site.

Refer, Earn, Prosper:
Unleash the potential of refer and earn. Each friend downloading the app brings Rs. 1000 your way, coupled with a 15% share of their sales. A cool feature for boosting your earnings!

Kheloo: Gaming Glory & Quick Cash

Play, Earn, Repeat with Kheloo

Embark on a gaming adventure with Kheloo, a platform where playing Rummy, Ludo, Carrom, and more translates into real money.

Surprising Earnings:
Believe it or not, I pocketed Rs. 1500 in just two days using Kheloo! Dive into your favorite games and earn real money. With a withdrawal limit as low as Rs. 3, it’s a gaming paradise. Don’t forget to leverage Kheloo’s referral and coupon codes for blindfolded money-making.

m.Stock: Investing Made Rewarding

Invest Smarter with m.Stock

As the retail broking division of Mirae Asset Capital Markets, m.Stock emerges as an investor’s haven.

Referral Rewards:
Participate in mStock’s refer and earn program to reel in ₹555 for every successful referral. It’s an emerging choice among investors, offering not just services but a rewarding experience.

NewsDog: News Sharing, Earning, and More

Stay Informed, Earn Rewards with NewsDog

NewsDog, a renowned news-sharing app in India, not only keeps you updated but also lets you earn.

Profitable News:
Sign up and pocket Rs. 50 instantly. Refer a friend and add an extra Rs. 10 to your earnings. Explore our dedicated post on walk-and-earn apps for additional real cash, discounts, and more.

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RapidBox: Shop Smart, Earn Smarter

Rapid Earnings with RapidBox

RapidBox, an online shopping haven, offers high-quality fashion products at factory prices.

Double Bonanza:
Get a ₹20 signup bonus and another ₹20 as a referral bonus. Accumulate Rapid Points by inviting friends, and once you hit 300 points, it’s time to redeem them. Shop smart, earn smarter!

Zerodha: Trading Brilliance, Referral Rewards

Make Money Friend with Zerodha App

Zerodha app is like a super cool friend for buying and selling stuff online in India. You can buy and sell stocks and mutual funds easily with it.

Forever Goodies for You: Zerodha is not just an app; it’s your forever buddy for money. Bring a friend, and you both get extra goodies. Your money home (they call it demat account) gets a special bonus when your friend joins. And guess what? You get some extra treats – 10% of the brokerage fee forever! Zerodha is not just an app; it’s like a magic money friend that stays with you always!

Zet App: Financial Freedom Awaits

Zet App (Previously OneCode)

Formerly known as the OneCode app, Zet brings you a plethora of financial products and services from top banks.

Golden Opportunities:
Unlock financial freedom with Zet’s “refer and earn” option. Access services from banks like SBI, IDFC First Bank, AXIS Bank, and more through this transformative app.

Frenzi: Your Streaming Companion & Earning Buddy

Frenzi: Simplifying Streaming and Earning

Frenzi, your go-to app for efficient streaming platform searches, also doubles up as a referral income generator.

Points for Entertainment:
Signing up rewards you with 1000 points, and referring friends adds another 1000 points to your tally. Engage in tasks and quizzes for up to 500 additional points. Time-saving, entertainment-packed, and earning-friendly!

CashBoss: Unlocking Free Recharges and Rewards

Discover the Power of CashBoss

CashBoss, a free recharge app, turns sharing into an opportunity to earn. Share the app with friends, family, and contacts, and watch the rewards roll in.

Referral Riches:
Generate a special referral link and share it far and wide. But that’s not all—download various apps within CashBoss to accumulate points. Engage in the “spin the wheel” game for a chance to win anywhere from Rs. 1 to Rs. 20.

Best Rummy Apps in India: A Winning Hand 

Play Your Cards Right and Earn

Explore the best rummy apps in India for those who want to turn their card-playing skills into cash.

Refer and Earn with Popular Brands

Maximize Your Earnings with Trusted Brands

Google Pay: Digital Payments with Perks

Referral Bonus: Up to Rs. 151
Use for: Mobile recharges, online bill payments, and digital card purchases.

PhonePe: Seamless Transactions, Handsome Rewards

Referral Bonus: Rs. 100
Joining Bonus: Any amount between ₹100 and ₹1000.

Amazon Pay: Shop, Earn, Repeat

Referral Bonus: Up to Rs. 100
Benefits: Free redeem codes and coupon codes.

Ola and Uber: Commute and Cash In

Cashback: ₹1500-₹2000 Ola money as cashback.

Swiggy and Zomato: Feast and Fund Your Wallet

Benefits: Use the refer option to add free wallet money for food orders.

Freecharge: Digital Wallet Delights

Referral Bonus: Up to Rs. 50
Features: Popular for digital transactions and payments.

Cracking the Code: How Referral Systems Work

Unlocking Success Through Referral Programs

Brands and startups leverage referral programs as a potent marketing strategy. This word-of-mouth approach attracts new customers, creating a robust customer base.

Money-Earning Apps Demystified:
Money transfer apps, fantasy apps, and affiliate marketing platforms harness the earning potential embedded in referral functions. These apps make turning spare time into extra cash a seamless experience.

Conclusion: Turning Spare Time into Cash

Apps: The Modern Money-Making Allies

In the era of apps and websites, making extra money has never been easier. Utilize your spare time wisely, and discover the vast earning potential these platforms offer.

Network is Key:
You don’t need a special skill set—just a solid network of active connections. Share your success stories with us and let us know if you’ve uncovered other money-earning gems in the app world. Your insights could be the key to someone else’s financial success.


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